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If you are about to purchase a new garage door for your home, you should keep in mind if you want something that is quiet or durable. There are two main types of garage door rollers. These types are nylon and steel. Each of these types of rollers work great for every garage door, but they do offer different functions. Here is a short explanation of what each of them are and what they are better at to help you decide which one you want to have installed.

If your main priority with your garage door rollers is noise then you may want to think of having nylon rollers installed. Nylon rollers produce very little noise and keep the vibrations down as well. One great reason you may consider nylon rollers is if you have small children that take frequent naps. Another great reason is if you work shift work. In this case you might tend to come home late at night when the rest of your house or neighborhood may be sleeping. Nylon is much quieter, but they are not as durable. Next, let us look at steel garage door rollers.

If you are looking for garage door rollers that will last up to twenty years you will want to consider having steel rollers installed. They are a much harder material than nylon which makes them last much longer. Nylon rollers will most likely have to be changed every few years. This will probably end up costing you must more money than you originally planned. Steel rollers may last longer, but as we mentioned before, they do let off more noise and vibrations. Steel rollers are great if you do not want to have to worry about your Chicago garage door breaking on you. If the rollers stop working, the door will no longer be able to go up and down anymore. So, if you plan on living in your home for an extended period of time, steel rollers might be the way to go.

As you can see there are options and different things to think about when looking at new garage door rollers. There are benefits and down falls to both nylon and steel rollers. You will really just need to think about the concerns you have. Do you have a family with small children that are napping when you usually get off work? Or maybe you do not want to have to worry about replacing the rollers and spending more money on them every few years. These are all things you will have to take into consideration when buying new garage door rollers.